VET teachers who attended the workshops were asked to develop a lesson plan for piloting the knowledge, skills, and digital competences they gained in the collaborative learning phase and on the workshops organised in their school. They designed a class for “doing after learning”, they applied the innovative teaching and evaluation method in the classroom supported by the digital tools they selected from the “Digital Menu Card” online platform, developed by VETWork Consortium.

The teachers were also asked to find open educational resources, or create their own interactive, multimedia learning materials for their classroom work and share them with the learning community on the online collaborative platform Digital Menu Card.

More than 50 teachers took part in the pilot course, and for about 800 students were involved into the classes supported by digital tools that applied one of the innovative teaching methods published on the Digital Menu Card.

After the lessons the teachers analysed and summarized their experiences in a self-reflection report, including the opinion of their students, who were asked about the new teaching method and the impact of digital tools on their understanding and quality of learning as well. 

Teachers' digital competences were reassessed to see the impact of the workshops. Experiences, feedback and self-reflections will be integrated in case studies by partner schools, and conclusions will be summarized by expert partners for later inclusion into the final Digital Pedagogical Training and Intervention (DPTI) model.