Digital Pedagogy Training and Intervention Model (DPTIM)

The aim of the last working phase was to integrate the experiences and conclusions of first four intellectual outcomes into a comprehensive methodology for reusing by other vocational schools who w

ICT-based creative classroom work

ICT-based Creative Classroom Work

In this working phase of the project the vocational teachers who attended the workshops developed a lesson plan for their students, applying the innovative methods learnt, and the digital resources


Developing and Testing Workshops for Schools

The integration of digital pedagogy into the daily practice of VET teachers cannot happen without a related vision, an intention from the school management and without collaboration of teachers.


Digital Menu Card

The main product of the second work phase of the project is the Digital Menu Card (DMC), a multili


Toolkit for developing a Digital Pedagogy Strategy

The VETWORK Erasmus+ project started on 1 September 2020 involving VET schools and organisations active in vocational educational developments from four countries, from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia a